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prince david condo; studio unit

1-2 roommates needed

move in by june.

fully-furnished (but bring your own mattress for the bed); with phone, cable TV, internet.

email: reeyah at gmail dot com for further details if you're interested.

free Mac applications, among other things

Macheist is giving away 6 free Mac applications worth $154 for free! 4 days left. 500,000 participants are needed for the last free app (which i want haha) so come on and download!!!

go to http://www.macheist.com to download

the participants only number 170k :( and there are only 4 more days to go!


in other news... i'm hungry. people here have been cooking since the break of dawn (sort of) and i can't touch any of them yet. glorious fried chicken, lumpiang italiana (spring rolls with ground meat in tomato sauce and cheese), pork chops with cauliflower in cheesy sauce, lemon pistachio cake. I WANT TO EAAAAAAAT!!!

Writer's Block: Gone but Not Forgotten

Many beloved television shows are no longer with us, like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Six Feet Under, and Mystery Science Theater 3000. What defunct television show do you miss the most?
I only began watching Buffy seriously when she got it on with Spike, but before that, I didn't pay much attention to it.

The show I miss a lot, though, are Daria, Wonderfalls, Doogie Howser, M.D. and Okay Ka, Fairy Ko. Even Palibhasa Lalake is something I miss. The old local primetime shows were good. Tropang Trumpo! How could I forget this one? lol. Chicken! haha

I remember when I was a kid, every Friday night was a family TV night with X-Men and Doogie Howser in the line-up.

I never really was able to follow Will and Grace or Friends, but I love those two shows.


And MTV Unplugged. Awesome, awesome sessions. :D

Writer's Block: From A to Z

Using one word for each letter of the alphabet, make a list of the words you most associate with yourself or that you feel best describe you.
A - awesome / articulate
B - burara (messy) / bichesa (apir tayo kung gets mo ang word na 'to)
C - class adviser / corny
D - dakila
E - emotional
F - friendly / frustrated
G - game
H - honest
I - intelligent / introverted
J - just
K - kulot
L - loyal
M - mataray
N - nice
O - overwhelmed
P - procrastinator / pensive
Q - quiet
R - radical / responsible / reader
S - skinny / secretive
T - thinker
U - understanding
V - vague / vehement
W - writer
X - xenophobic (sort of lang. can't think of anything else lol)
Y - youthful
Z - zany

The 20 Most Heartbreaking Songs of All Time

The list itself is incredible enough (and I use the word "incredible" in its worse sense). "Abba" and "heartbreaking" in the same sentence just doesn't seem to cut it, but I'm not as harsh as the commenters on that list.

A lot of the commenters have complained about the "oldness" of the choices, and while I may not have firsthand experience of actually listening to the songs, I must say that the classics (what these volatile commenters have dubbed "grandfathery" choices) have a way with conveying sorrow that pierces through you without riling you up. In my opinion, what these commenters seem to be expecting are the "emo-ish" type of heartbreaking songs that depict depression and desperation while making you think of cutting yourself up literally. Also, some of their suggestions weren't exactly heartbreaking as opposed to angry and bitter. The one suggestion of these commenters that I do absolutely agree with--although it's not exactly about the romantic kind of love that the choices have in common--is Eric Clapton's "Tears in Heaven." Now there's a heartbreaking song if I ever did hear one.



You Are an Indie Rocker!

You are in it for the love of the music...

And you couldn't care less about being signed by a big label.

You're all about loving and supporting music - not commercial success.

You may not have the fame and glory, but you have complete control of your career.

You Are Ballet

You are quite introverted. You enjoy keeping to yourself and cultivating your talents.

You are dedicated and focused. If practice makes perfect, you're willing to keep practicing.

While some people may dismiss you as boring, you can be quite edgy and interesting.

You can fit in almost anywhere... and your style ranges from conservative to funky.

You Know a Lot About Christmas

You got 7/10 correct

You know tons about the history and traditions surrounding Christmas.

When you celebrate the holidays, you never forget their true meaning - or all the little fun details.

Random Christmas fact: Only 21% of US households has a real Christmas tree each year.


Your Christmas Song Is "All I Want for Christmas is You"

I just want you for my own

More than you could ever know

Make my wish come true...

All I want for Christmas is


You only want one thing for Christmas

Love from one special person - and you've got it!


 nokia 5800

they say it's worth P18,000 without tax. so how much is that with tax here in the philippines?

i was happy thinking about the nokia 5320 until my brother bought one for himself ahead of me and i found that the keypad was less desirable than i thought. but damn that music was loud and clear and crisp.

so now i don't know what i want.

lost in austen

 for this next entry, i shall hyperventilate in excitement. excuse the teeny-bopper excitement please. much appreciated.
SOMETHING TO KEEP ME BUSY THIS SEMBREAK (aside from that proposal of course)

Jemima Rooper stars as Amanda Price - the frustrated romantic who lives for reading and adores the characters in her Jane Austen books. Then one day she discovers a gateway in her flat and ends up being transported to her favourite world, the world of Pride and Prejudice. But is the “true” story in danger of being thrown off track by her presence?

taken from http://pridenprejudice.proboards101.com/index.cgi?board=janeausten&action=display&thread=463
alaveht alaveht alaveht!
i can totally relate to amanda price hahahaah

freshman year

stolen from maeyahn :D


Instructions: Think back to your first semester in college. Let's see how much you remember and how much you regret.

What section were you?
i don't remember my regular block, but my english block was R01

Who were your seatmates?
in english it was.... flora and anna. in natsci (i had botany first sem) it was... maricar, i think. other subjects i don't know.

Still remember your English teacher?
Mrs. Rica Bolipata-Santos (awesomest teacher ever) and Ms. Cyan Abad (now Abad-Jugo) the daughter of THE Gemino Abad and who can hold her own against the literary greats.

What was your first class?
first class ever was Natsci- Botany. i walked from the condo to SEC not knowing anybody because my classmates were all CW majors. i only knew nikko, i think.

Best friends?
the legion. em (my walking and trike partner), flora (my eventual philo partner), irish, and the mighty duo ana and anna. =))

How was your class schedule?
hm. let's see how much i remember. MWF, class started with english at 730, ended at 930. that's english 11 and 13 for the first sem and english 12 and 14 for the second sem. two subjects. then two hour break. 1130 was.... i don't know anymore. that's all i remember.

Made any enemies?
none. i think?

Who was your favorite teacher/s?
ma'am rica

circuit training for first sem.

Back then, do you always buy your lunch?
mcdo (both katipunan AND libis haha), jollibee, kfc, but our "favorite" place was shakey's. haha. we opened that place MWF. bottomless iced tea anyone? ooh. caf up for the waffles. or caf downstairs for the spaghetti with mixed sauce.

Were you a party animal?

Were you well known in your school?
no. anti-social po. sort of.

Did you get suspended/expelled?

Can you sing the alma mater?
hala. no. just the chorus.

What was your favorite subject?
ENGLISH. syempre :D

What was your school's full name?
Ateneo de Manila University

Where did you go most often during breaks?
caf up? or... dunno. outside. ana's place? sa fire exit ng prince david 8th floor playing monopoly? hahahaha! anna kasi!

What color of pen do you always use?

Recited often?

Ever cheated?
hm. i don't think so.

Do you bring your own paper and pen?/

Are you in the top ten of your class/es?
i don't know

Favorite things to do in class?
I'm a geek. I listened. <-- same. but as the years went by............ *ahem*

Classmates you didn't like?
si B-plus.

Subjects with highest grade?

don't remember

Ever had a crush? Who?
no. never had a crush in college.

What's your theme song for him/her?

Which of your classes was he/she in?

Fave events in 1st sem?
uhm. OMG. i MISSED my english 13 finals. buti na lang pinahabol ako ni ma'am cyan. lesson? ALWAYS DOUBLE CHECK YOUR SCHEDULE!!!

What are your favorite classrooms?
the berch classrooms lol.

Do you sleep in class?
first sem? never.

Ever thought of burning your school?

Ever messed with a prof?

What do you miss most in your 1st sem?
being absolutely clueless and sort of getting away with it.

If you could go back in time and do it all over, would you?

Favorite PE?
I had no choice. Circuit Training lang talaga. <-- yuck. ako rin.

Where do you spot the hot girls in your school?
Can we change it to guys? Soccer field! <-- the hot guys were also along the numerous tambayans in school

Ever gone on a field trip?
yeah, but not on the first sem of my first year. soph year pa yung field trip

lit soc (literary society)

Dorm, boarding house or your home?

If you had your way, what was your dream course/major?
i took my dream course :D

First ever person you knew?
flora :D

First play you ever watched?
Twelfth Night. I had a huge crush on Alfred Vargas. <-- required tayo nito nun eh. hahaha.

Ever been recruited by a frat or sorority?

Is it fun in your school?

Ever gone rallying?
Second sem, yes. People Power 2. <-- same

Did you ever dream of having latin honors for your first sem?
yes. i was always "almost" an honor student, but as they say, "almost" doesn't count.

If you weren't studying in your present school now, where would you go?
wala. it was ateneo or nothing.

What do you remember most about 1st sem?
my friends :D


final critique paper

it's another update on my boring M.A. activities hooraaaaaaay!!!

in today's episode, ria presents her critique paper to the class.


she enters the meeting room where their class is held, her skin moist with sweat from the walk from her residence to school. there was no available seat in sight save for the one across the room, which meant she had to pass behind her teacher, who was already comfortably seated in her throne. nope, that won't do, she thought.

she saw her classmates at the back made room for her, clearing their things from the table and monobloc chairs near them so she made a beeline for that. her classmate was wrapping up his presentation of his critique paper when she sat down.

it was hot. the aircon was turned on to a fan setting. her sweat beginning to drip, ria took off her gray hoodie, dangled the sleeves around her neck while the rest of the jacket draped in front of her. two minutes later (literally), her classmate was finished, and it was her turn.

her teacher seemed to be in a good mood. hm, i can do this, said she, as she took out her paper from her bag. she began reading aloud her paper. her teacher cut her off a few words into her title.

why are you marginalized there at the side? come join us, her teacher said.

she sat at the opposite end of the table across her teacher who was comfortably seated on her throne. she kept her eyes down on her paper, nervous about her teacher's reaction, especially since her paper was a week overdue.

ria began again.

at the end of the second paragraph, her teacher cuts her off.

her heart skipped a beat.

then it returned to normal. her teacher just wanted to clarify something.

she continued and remained uninterrupted throughout.

at the end of the presentation, there was a pause in the room.

wow, her teacher breathed.

did i just hear her say wow? ria asked herself, bewildered.

that was very good! well................

ria's heart began to beat faster, her teacher's words seemed to echo in her brain. wow, she had said. praise about her paper continued for a few more seconds and then the clincher:

that was worth the wait. a smile.

ria smiled back.

all is well with the world. =))


my paper was late. i begged my teacher if i could present my paper the week after my report (yep, my report was last week). she consented. i faced extra pressure to make that paper solid, coherent, well-argued.

well, we'll see. she hasn't read my paper yet. she'll have more time to tear it down to pieces once she reads and reflects on it. here's to hoping that i still get a perfect like what i got in my last critique paper.

and i'll have you know i wasn't able to answer any of my classmates questions (isa lang yung question, actually) properly. eh kasi naman. asan ang question sa sinabi nya? wala naman. statement lang. hahaha

and she was talking about new historicism, which i knew nothing about. lol. so. di ko rin siya masasagot even if she had asked a direct question lol.
If you were stranded on an island with a fictional character, who would it be and why?

easy! MACGYVER!!!


so he could come up with ways to survive on that island (assuming that it's wild), but i could also get stuck with nightcrawler so that he could just teleport me out of the island. =)

bowling with wii and matthew arnold

conversation last night made me highly uncomfortable and pissed me off at one point. it all went away, though, when we all spontaneously decided to spend the night at ana's place and play with their newly-bought nintendo wii. oh. all of us except for em.

my right arm is extremely sore right now. that nintendo wii is serious addictive fun, which is kinda why i'm glad we don't have one haha. my friends and i have decided to hold a wii-lympics after anna is done with her bar exams and i'm done with my final papers for MA and ana's done with her comprehensive exams. i love eeeet!

ana claimed she was unbeatable in tennis, and then all three of us (me, irish, flora) then proceeded to defeat her at her own game after we had some practice. flora even beat her left-handed (and she's right-handed ha) lol.

but then ana beat us all in bowling, which she initially claimed to know be her weakest. hahaha. i say it was LUCK. =))

hep hep hep.

just because i played with the wii with my friends doesn't mean i didn't work on my report on matthew arnold.

while they were busy boxing and bowling and playing tennis and "rocking" out (battle of the bands. pretty corny compared to DDR), i was working on my report. i wasn't able to finish it because sleep overcame me, but i DID finish it just in time for my 3pm class. most of the time i kept on re-reading what i already read because i couldn't understand what "high seriousness" meant (in the context of the essay, of course) and how it applies to the criticism of poetry (my report was on his essay, "The Study of Poetry"). there were a bunch of phrases and terms there that i couldn't exactly understand mostly because his structures were all "classical" (read: all reversed e.g. "happy am i" instead of "i am happy). i decided to make a brief outline of the first part of his essay, since it outlined his arguments. the second part of his essay was about dissecting the "merits" of chaucer and other poets. the outline helped immensely. i nearly facepalmed (thanks to keith and some lj people for this term) myself because i hadn't thought of making the outline before making the powerpoint presentation.

and guess what...

my teacher liked my report haha. i can't really say she LOVED it, especially since i wasn't able to answer one question i was thrown (hey at least i was honest when i said i wasn't sure). but when she gave the summary of points (something she always does at the end of the reports for the meeting), she said she didn't have to mention anything new because my report pretty much included everything she was going to say.

so there.


today was a good day. =)

The Dark Knight


That’s what this movie is.

The people were right in saying that this was no superhero movie.

The trailer to the The Dark Knight promised no circus parade of characters or a hammed up plot. It promised intense drama and spine-chilling acts of terror (not to mention that spine-chilling laughter from resident madman The Joker). It promised the late Heath Ledger at his best, overshadowing yummy Christian Bale in the title role. And most of importantly, it promised no Katie Holmes.

The Joker of late was maniacal like his predecessors, true, but the motive behind his criminal activities seemed less an attempt at gaining wealth than in exercising his intelligence, wit and tenacity. You think you have him in the palm of your hand, but it’s actually the other way around: he has YOU in his hand. The sheer genius of his plans that has everybody on their toes belies his claims of having none at all. He means what he says, and he does what he says. And because he lives with no rules, he is the perfect criminal for Gotham City.

Batman seems to have been put in the backburner for this one. This movie is The Joker’s—solely and purely his. Batman seemed merely to react to The Joker’s acts, but that’s little reason to complain, for the dynamic relationship of the two keeps people on the edge of their seats. Batman’s determination to rid Gotham of its scum runs right smack into a wall put up by The Joker. Both characters are methodical, both intelligent, clever, strong, and deranged. A match made in loony heaven.

Both characters are superbly played by Christian Bale and the late Heath Ledger. Bale manages to compartmentalize Batman and Bruce Wayne—both the public figure and the private one—and switch among those characters smoothly. Bruce Wayne the billionaire public figure is cocky, arrogant and self-indulgent. Bruce Wayne the private one, or, as I’d like to call it, the plainclothes Batman, is cool, calm, and reserved. Batman is cold, morally vengeful and, to a certain degree, wacko like his nemesis. Bale’s delivery of all three aspects of just one character is astoundingly commendable, no less so than Ledger’s portrayal of The Joker.

He stole the show, Ledger did. Inasmuch as Bale OWNED the Batman role, Ledger as The Joker OWNED this movie. Aaron Eckhart’s Harvey Dent paled to oblivion in comparison to this made-up madman. It makes one wonder just how Ledger managed to BE this character. Was it through merely through innate talent, or was there some darkness within Ledger that resonated with The Joker’s evil and therefore allowed him to become this character? One can’t help but think of the possibility of this latter one especially in light of the actor’s recent passing. But I am one of the many who say that this portrayal deserves at least an Oscar nomination.

The one reason that makes this movie more than just a superhero movie is that it deals with some existentialist ideas, mainly that of how one’s fate is determined by one’s own choices and actions. It’s a bit reminiscent of Spiderman’s own struggle to do right by his uncle, but the difference is that in The Dark Knight there is nobody who has supernatural powers. Everybody is purely human with purely human problems. Another difference is that the movie focuses not solelyon the hero—Batman’s struggle was dealt with in the prequel—but on the city people, including their bare-faced hero Harvey Dent, initially the prime example of a man making his own fate. Through the carefully woven story, the movie brings the city people in and questions how far one would go when faced with the question of whether to do right and face death, or to go the other way and live.

That was just one question we are asked. Tough questions this movie poses, and none that are easy to answer. This movie is, as its title suggests, is as dark as the night is before dawn. Yet it is a darkness that we surpass with the help of the superb cast and excellent story. The Dark Knight, no matter how dark, shines.



Individualistic Doer (ID)
(Just visiting? Take the free personality test and determine your iPersonic type!)

Individualistic Doers are self-assured and very independent persons. They are quiet and realistic, very rational, extremely matter of fact persons. They strongly cultivate their individualism and enjoy applying their abilities to new tasks. But they are also very spontaneous and impulsive persons who like to follow their sudden inspirations. Individualistic Doers are good and precise observers who register everything which goes on around them. However, they are not so sensitive as regards interpersonal relations and are surprised when they occasionally rub someone up the wrong way with their direct and blunt manner. They are not particularly fond of obligations; but if you give them space, they are uncomplicated, sociable and cheerful individuals.

Individualistic Doers enjoy challenges - action and the odd kick are simply part of their life. They love tempting fate and many people of this type have risky hobbies such as skydiving or bungee jumping. This also applies to their workaday life. Individualistic Doers are in top form in critical situations; they can grasp situations, make decisions and take the necessary steps extremely quickly. Hierarchies and authorities impress them very little; if a superior is not competent, they will have little respect for him. Individualistic Doers like to take on responsibility. They have a marked sense of reality and always find the most suitable and expedient solution for a problem. They resolve conflicts openly and directly; here, they sometimes lack tact but are also very good at taking criticism themselves.

As friends, Individualistic Doers are loyal and devoted; they only have a few friendships but many of them last a lifetime. People enjoy talking to them because of their optimistic attitude to life and their ability to listen. However, they prefer to talk about mutual interests and hobbies rather than about theoretical or philosophical issues - they are not tangible enough for them. They need a lot of freedom and time to themselves in love relationships but, at the same time, they are also very tolerant towards their partners. It happens very seldom that Individualistic Doers fall head over heels in love. They are far too rational. They prefer to pick their partner on the basis of mutual interests and preferences which they want to share with that partner. Individualistic Doers are not particularly fond of effusive outbursts of emotion. They prefer to prove their love by their actions and expect the same of their partner. Whoever wishes to tie an Individualistic Doer to himself needs a lot of patience. It takes some time before this personality type is willing to get involved with another person.


Adjectives which describe your type
introverted, practical, logical, spontaneous, adventurous, resolved, independent, fearless, loyal, analytical, realistic, optimistic, interested, quiet, curious, circumspect, individualistic, action-loving, venturesome, cool, dispassionate, reserved, skilful, confident, independent, communicative, down-to-earth

These subjects could interest you
travel, nature, hiking, cars, model making, gardening, drawing/painting, astrology, spiritual matters, music, literature, writing, strategy games, politics

ID booboo

my ID still says MA - Ed-BET II (basic educ teaching non-thesis option) when i've already "shifted" to MA LCS (lit and cultural studies).

ganito kasi yon.

i applied for a new id as part of the reg procedure. since i haven't officially shifted yet, i had to list down my old course on the ID info sheet and the claim stub. after getting my picture taken, i realized i still had plenty of time before the offices closed so i proceeded with shifting. i got the load rev form (P15 pala whut) from the cashier (where i saw noni from JCS... regcom sya) and went office to office to get the five signatures required to shift. the registrar (my last stop) told me to just come back for it on the first day of classes (june10).

so technically, i'm still under the EducDept, but since i didn't have any problems with the load rev, i'm assuming i'll be with the EngDept by the time my classes start this coming saturday. and then i'm getting my id that same day (saturday), which -- i'm assuming -- is still going to read MA BET II.

ang guloooooo.

i wonder if i can still get a new id within the sem. garrrrr. P100 din yun.

on a lighter side......



Sex and the City

Warning: Some minor spoilers.
True love doesn't have a happy ending. True love does not have an ending.
No truer words could ever have been uttered, and no truer love could ever be seen than the kind that survives the most devastating heartbreak.
Carrie Bradshaw, Miranda Hobbs, Charlotte York, and Samantha Jones have found their loves and have had their share of heartbreaking moments, but as this movie shows, true love is strong, enduring, and everlasting.
The four fabulously dressed friends seem to have their happy ending already: Carrie's got Big, Miranda and Charlotte have their respective families, and Samantha's on her longest relationship with a guy: Smith Jerrod, Hollywood actor. But what happens after their "happy endings?" These four women experience how love after the happy ending isn't always happy.
It's no secret: Carrie and Big are about to get married. But are the two really, absolutely ready to promise forever to each other? Their relationship hits the rocks, and those rocks are humongous boulders that take time going around. Miranda and Steve hit a big rock, too, and it was sad, sad, sad. Samantha's relationship with Smith is 5-year strong, but Samantha begins to question how much more of herself she is willing to let go for Smith. Charlotte, on the other hand, is blissfully happy with her family, but a chance for a dream of hers to come true frightens her into thinking that something bad will go wrong since she already has everything.
Realistic issues? Pretty much. I wouldn't know since my own relationships have never reached the kind of intimacy to merit that type of issues (TMI, sorry). Highly appropriate for each character's personalities, though, which says a lot about how good this movie is. What I also found tremendously wonderful was the strength of Charlotte. In all the seasons of the series, I have never seen Charlotte stand so strong and protect her friend with such fierceness. It was so beautiful that it brought tears to my eyes.
Do I dare forget about the fabulous fashion on the show? Of course not! The first few minutes were already FULL of spectacular clothes! From vintage to Vera Wang, this movie's uber talented stylist Patricia Field succeeded once more in dressing Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha in droolworthy threads. LOVE IT!
There was a cliché here and there - annoying, but forgivable nevertheless. Another thing that disturbed me was how sinfully rich these women are. For a girl like me living in a Third World country, pangs of jealousy at how easily they could buy, buy, book a spa session, and buy some more come as no surprise. But these weren't enough to take away from the enjoyment of this film.
To all those who've read the reviews of professional critics who gave this movie a lackluster rating, pay no attention to them. This movie will make you laugh and cry (if you have shallow tears like me lol) and laugh and cry some more.


shirts again. hay. di na naubos hehe

  • Ateneo shirts.
  • Also available: La Salle and UP shirts.
  • Click picture to go to list of items.
  • Those are on-hand items (extra ones; just need to get rid of these).
  • If you want to buy but don't have an ebay account, leave a comment and i'll get back to you.

crazy eights pt2

I got tagged again, this time by K2 and Tiffy. This one's a different set from the first one.

Share 8 things that your readers don’t know about you.
Then at the end you tag 8 other bloggers to keep the fun going.
– Each blogger must post these rules first.
– Each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
– Bloggers who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
– At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
– Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

1. One of my old dreams was to meet gene kelly, frank sinatra in person, but they're dead now, so I'll settle for Brandon Boyd and John Cusack. =))

2. I'm a receipt pack rat. Sort of. I have tons of receipts in my bag, wallet, drawers, etc. Uhm.

3. I like Hilary Duff.

4. I'm lazy lazy lazy.

5. I wish I were taller. LIke 5'5"

6. Some of my more glamorous dream jobs were to become: a fashion designer, a hollywood tv show writer, and, of course, a best-selling author.

7. I'm so dead broke right now.

8. I'm anti-social. Sort of.

I'm not tagging anybody anymore. If you want to do it, go right ahead :)

kabataang pinoy

oh hell no. this post is not about that god-forsaken reality series. it just so happens that my mom has left the downstairs in peace and has promptly proceeded upstairs to watch her current obsession.


fall out boy's "Golden" is nice, and so is paramore's "breathe." those two are in my playlist now, along with madina lake's "here i stand," incubus's "pendulous threads," jars of clay's "unforgetful you," armor for sleep's "stars in your eyes," the raconteurs' "broken boy soldier," and live's "all over you" among others (tons tons tons of others).


i stuffed myself silly today. it's my sister's birthday. there were the pinoy party requisite hotdogs and spaghetti (although "modified." these were grilled/barbecued? and baked, respectively), roasted chicken, mango shake, coffe shake, banoffee cake with chocolate chip streusel, ice cream. did i forget anything? oh squid in the squid ink sauce (birthday celebrator's fave) for lunch. chips and adobo and veggies and leftover blueberry cheesecake from my dad's birthday yesterday were present also. chocolate truffles! for snackage and dessert hehe.


i both hate and love it whenever my mom dishes out stories of when my younger siblings and i were wee little tots. a lot of the stories kinda explain how i ended up (slightly) anti-social. actually, they just confirm the idea that i've been anti-social since birth lol.


yes, this post is all randomness.

all this hype about david cook

i seriously think that david cook is a smug ass performer who, don't get me wrong, is really good. i mean, i love love love his version of INNOCENT.

but that "always be my baby" performance was just too creepy stalker-ish for me. and the fact that he didn't acknowledge that his billie jean version was chris cornell's arrangement and just STOOD THERE acting like it was his.... blech. and while his HELLO cover rocked, it was based on incubus's arrangement (sounded like it, anyway).

and as somebody pointed out, he wore that similar outfit in the top... 24? something performance hahahaha. the "happy together" performance, i think.

ah well.

shtuff. i'm beginning to think michael johns should've gotten my support, but nah. i don't like him talaga.

here's to hoping that david cook dishes out some more cool original versions.

in other news, I'M BACK FROM CDO!!!

rafting was immensely wonderful potaena astig sobra

GANUN. hahaha

i'm too lazy to post pics. check out my multiply na lang. days 1 and 2 pics have been posted already. :D

more blogthings

Your Heart is Feeling Safe

Right now, all is good with your heart. And you intend on keeping it that way.

Whether you're deeply in love or just looking, you know that your heart will be taken care of.

You never risk your heart too much, but you don't hold it back either. You know who to trust your heart with.

Deep down, your heart is susceptible to: Getting a little too comfortable

Your current outlook on love: Calm and future oriented

Your love life will improve if you: Treat other people's hearts the way you expect yours to be treated

Watch out for: Taking the people you're dating for granted

Your Heart is Feeling Shy

Your heart certainly has some strong feelings, you're just not sure if you're ready to let them show.

You could be someone's secret admirer, or maybe you just haven't truly expressed how deep your feelings run.

Maybe you're still a little unsure about how you feel... or your unsure about what reaction you'll get.

Deep down, your heart is susceptible to: Clamming up and running away from love

Your current outlook on love: Introspective and a bit detached

Your love life will improve if you: Put yourself out there a little more. If you don't try, you'll never know.

Watch out for: Having a one sided romance - you need to be sure you're feelings are reciprocated


You Are Girly Sexy

You're a youthful spirit, and your energy is infectious.

Men love your innocence and lack of emotional baggage.

You make every kiss seem like the first and every moment magical.

How could any guy in his right mind resist that?


random stuff


background info: we're going on a trip to pagudpud for a few days with an overnight stopover in vigan. this will be in early april.

does anybody know a house we can rent in pagudpud? there'll be about 15 of us. cheap but neat house please. no cockroaches, rats, etc.

does anybody know where/how we can rent a van that would take us to pagudpud from vigan? our plan kasi is to take the bus to vigan, spend the day/night there at a friend's house, then rent a van to take us to pagudpud where we'll rent a house for a few days (about 3-4 days).



Stage FX

friday saw me with cla and cecily watching Stage FX's production entitled Tulo. It's a three-play production directed by the members. The first one was Deus Ex Machina directed by enzo, who also starred in it as the woebegone playwright. he was really good! too bad wesley stole the show. wesley played the god of wine and theatrical plays Dionysus, whom i never imagined to be gay lol. jaime and luis were the god's "alalays" who pretty much stole the show from enzo and wesley whenever they were on stage haha. phantom was, as usual, his amazing self. he played Euripedes brought back to life by Dionysus.

i'm not sure if the audience got the play, though. *shrug*

the second play was hands down the best of the three. Oli Impan was directed by CY. there were only two characters played by cy and geremy. they played children living in a squatter's area that was being reclaimed by the government. geremy and his childlike voice were so natural that it was effortless for him to make the audience laugh. cy had a tougher time making the audience laugh, but i suppose that was because the funny lines were given to geremy. that major AWW moment at the end unexpectedly made me teary eyed. :)

the last one, Elephant, was an SFX original. it was all spectacle and all entertainment. there was drama and unexpected comedy. when the shotgun that was going to be used on the elephant fell and the handle broke off, the antagonist (protagonist? debatable) said, "The handle may be broken, but the trigger still works." that line, delivered amidst the tense situation, cracked the audience and the non-cast members of SFX. amazing. and the tiger stole the show! hahahaha! RAWR!

ack! graduates na sina wes and cy!!!

time for new blood! =)

oh wait, anjan pa si jerick... lambu? phantom? luis and geremy and var and cj! =)


Junior ACT

the next day, I woke up early to watch lara_tarranco's kids perform "The Star" at the ateneo GS auditorium which was scheduled at 10am. yeah, yeah, 10's not really early, but if you know me, you also know that i'm no morning person and it takes me forever to get ready in teh morning.

anyway, the play was running a bit late, and we could hear the pandemonium from backstage. my first reaction was a negative one, because you're not supposed to hear things like that in plays right? but a few seconds later i remembered that these were grade school kids we were talking about so yeah, i was soon smiling and laughing at the kids.

the play began about 15 minutes after the schedule, but it was a worthwhile wait. i didn't completely understand what the play was really about, but the kids were just so darn cute hahaha.

congratulations maeyahn!!! next year ulit! =))


sleepy saturday and lazy sunday

i went home, cooked lunch, lay down to rest. it might be the lack of sleep these past few weeks, or maybe i didn't cook the meat well enough, but i suddenly didn't feel so well. i felt lethargic and sick with pms rearing its ugly head once in a while. *sigh* then i found out ana wasn't joining the dinner so i figured i'd pass na rin. slept. when i woke up, i got an invite to go watch this dance performance thing but passed that one too. i bought dinner, ate, watched tv, went online for a while and ogled at the gorgeous but expensive belts at a multiply store then went back to sleep. i still had the meeting/GA to attend the next day.

the meeting/general assembly went by more smoothly than last year's. plus i won a minor cash prize in the raffle - the first time i ever won lol. i used it to pay off a portion of my humongous credit card bill. =(( i keep telling myself incubus and cdo are worth the credit bill hahaha.

oh well. tomorrow it's back to work. *sigh* oh wait. tonight it's back to work.



it's singles awareness day.

i got my first rose ever from a student. whee!

i got chocolates from some of my advisees. ferrero and dark chocolates. HEAVEN! =)

and then work came along lol.

so now i'm stressed and writing in fragments because all my mental energy and capabilities have been spent on making that final test for the quarter, which, by the way, i still have not finished. boo me.


i've been anal about classroom cleanliness lately, which is why i have forced myself to do my part and clean our bathroom, de-clutter my table, do dishes, etc. next on the list is the defrosting of the refrigerator. hm. right after i finish my work.


join my friend's speed dating event on 22 february. =) ask me for details


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